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Dr. Rose Stevens


Dr. Rose is a Christian musician whose passion lies in leading the body of Christ into worship of the Lord.  With over twenty years of experience in Worship Music, Dr. Rose brings a seasoned yet fresh perspective on what it means to truly worship the Lord Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.


Rose began her musical studies at the age of 7 in Iowa, taking piano lessons from a neighbor a few farms away.  She went on to study the organ, Biblical studies and church music at the undergraduate level.


After completing her Masters Degrees in Organ Performance and Music Theory from the University of Michigan she studied organ in France and Switzerland.  She subsequently earned her Doctorate in Organ Performance to launch a career path in collegiate teaching and performance.  As so often happens, the Lord refined his calling on her life.


Dr. Rose was called into full-time worship and music ministry for the Lord and for His people.   She loves music, but she is fully living out her life's calling when she and God's people use the gift of music to love Him and one another.  She has a deep appreciation for the full range of sacred music and has a vision for excellent and eclectic styles with meaningful lyrics that teach the truths of God.


Serving the Lord alongside other musicians and worship leaders, instrumentalists, choirs of all ages and abilities, leadership teams and pastors is one of her greatest joys.  It's become an unusual path of worship ministry in today's American church, but the Kingdom blessings are so beautiful and lasting.  She looks to continually live out this calling for ministry each day.


Recognized for her worship leadership skills and her natural teaching, speaking and keyboard performing abilities, Dr. Rose serves the Lord and collaborates with other musicians in the Southeast Michigan area. 

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