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Worship of the Lord isn't meant to be done alone.  The Lord calls us into fellowship and worship together - kids, adults, all believers!  What a joy it is when God's people live out that calling of fellowship, discipleship, mission and worship as a united body before Him! 

Lord Jesus, this is a gallery of your work and we thank you!  You call us to this labor and privilege, and we praise you for you are gracious and faithful! May you receive praise for the work of the Holy Spirit amongst your people for your Name's sake!


"Awesome words of Truth. You are a true worshiper of God and stimulator of that same worship. I love the music ministry because it is a ministry not a performance."

- Ken

Christmas 2019.orchestra.jpg
"Dr. Rose's heart coupled with the dedication and talent of a perfected musical craft is such a powerful tool in reaching people." - Shannon

"Your gifts fully impressed me, but The SPIRIT in you amazed.  Thank you, Dr. Rose, for your discernment and courage. You are a TREASURE!" - Piper

clear nativity.jpg

"Lord Jesus, we honor you. 

YOU are our TREASURE! You are deserving of our all

for You are GOOD!"

Dr. Rose leading Christmas at Cornerstone with its Full Worship Team of Musicians

Joy to the World! The Savior Reigns!

O Come All Ye Faithful.2020.2.jpg
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