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Blog Update & Worship at the Brighton Amp

Dear All,

My apologies that you received a blog post from someone other than me from my site. I'll be looking into making sure crossovers don't happen so easily through the wix. I'm quite certain it was an accident and unintentional.

More importantly, it's a wonderful opportunity to share what the Lord has been doing after quite a bit of time.

Worship at the Amp!

If you are in the Brighton area and want to help us share the glory and grace of the Lord in the public sphere, join us next Saturday, August 26, 2023, 6-9pm at the Brighton Mill Pond Ampitheater.

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a time of hearing the Word and much music exalting Christ. The choir & bagpipes will be sounding out Amazing Grace and we will be singing two different versions of Psalm 24. And much much more.

Never will we stop contending for what is right and true in regards to the worship the Lord deserves. May the gates of each area of our lives be lifted up so that Yahweh may rule and reign fully and all our fleshly idols destroyed. We're contending in the public sphere for the things of our Father! It's a privilege!

Also, here's an Amazon link to a copy of my book "True Worship: Embracing Christ & His Word to Fulfill Your Life's Calling." It's about time I finally share it here. Time has just flown!

I'm praying for the opportunities to continue to share the books five main points with many congregations throughout our country. We need to return to godly, scriptural principles in our corporate worship settings. The Lord Jesus deserves more than what we have been bringing Him as a broader American church. We know from experience and watching enormous worship ministry shifts happen very intentionally and without much Biblical support. It's time to return to True Worship, the kind of worship our Father seeks (John 4:23-25).

Lastly, many of us hope to see others of you at the Amp next Saturday! It'll be a wonderful night for our Lord!

May the Lord reign and His glory be known.

With love and thanks,


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